HORST F. C. BRÜGGEMANN Handelsgesellschaft mbH
HORST F.C. BRUEGGEMANN Handelsgesellschaft mbH is an internationally active business for food additives.

Brueggemann's first company was founded in 1981 “HORST BRUEGGEMANN Import – Export”. Later in 1986 he reorganized it into today's company “
HORST F.C. BRUEGGEMANN Handelsgesellschaft mbH”.

We began our trade with the import of guar gum powder, which we are still delivering under our registered trade mark

In 1983 we took over the agency of the US-American company FMC corporation, Philadelphia, particularly for the marketing of food grade phosphates in Germany and other European countries.

During the following years we supplemented our delivery programme by further export of hydrocolloides such as locust bean gum, xanthan gum and Carragheene.

In 2000 FMC corporation and SOLUTIA Inc. (ex Monsanto) founded the new company ASTARIS LLC in pc. Louis, and both of the companies combined their knowledge in phosphate.

Now we have taken over the exclusive distribution of the company ASTARIS LLC for Europe.

Furthermore, we sell our product to variously different fields of industry:
- forage industry –
- pharmaceutical industry
- chemical industry

Our philosophy of being outstandingly competent and available at any time with offering a clear range of products has been extremely successful within the last 25 years.